Thank you for your interest for a Lachlan Labrador.  
We wish you and your Family a Healthy 2021. 

At the moment I dont have any availability. 

Please check back for updates.

Thank you for your interest in a puppy from Lachlan Labrador Retrieversour litters are bred with the primary goal of keeping something for ourselves to show. As such, we are very selective about who we breed. While we focus on temperament, conformation as well as retrieving ability we make every effort to ensure we are breeding healthiest representatives of the breed with the intent to produce the same.

Health Screenings are the most important but only the first step in determining whether a dog should be bred!!!   Our dogs are screened for their OFA Hip & Elbows, Eyes Certified by a Board Certified Opthamoligist as well as Optigen, EIC and other genetic tests when appropriate.

A puppy from a reputable breeder by parents who have been carefully selected for health and temperment with OFA Hip, Elbow, Heart clearances, eye certification as well as various genetic screenings range from $2,000 to $3,000.  The intent here is not to advertise the price, but to inform those researching breeders what to expect and aid in their search whether you get a puppy from us or another breeder.  The best way to screen a breeder is to search thier dogs registered name in the public OFA database that lists the health clearence of the parents. The basic health screenings are inexpensive, there is no excuse for a breeder whether they show dogs or not to breed a dog without an OFA hip & elbow clearence.  If both Parents of the litter are not listed in the OFA database it is a red flag.  I hope this bit of knowledge aids you in your search.  

Our commitment to the breed goes well beyond health and temperment, our dogs are as much apart of our family as your new puppy will be with yours.  Our dogs are not raised as kennel dogs, they are part of our family.  We are very selective with who we keep and breed, the puppies are raised in our home and are socialized with our own children, friends and family.   And of course your own visits.  You will take home a very healthy and happy puppy.


We believe in puppies being reared properly.  Litters are born and nurtured in our home, our Sunroom:)  We spend a lot of time, during the first eight weeks, handling and exposing puppies to different stimuli, new experience, and people.  Each and every puppy receives a lot of love, playtime and attention.  Our puppies are socialized, current on vaccinations, microchiped and de-wormed before they go to their new homes. They will also recieve a health checkup from our veternarian.  Our pups are versatile, make lovable, loyal companions and can compete in obedience, conformation, and agility and of course make great hunting companions.

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