GCH Lachlan's Wild Flower 

                          OFA Hips          Elbows Normal          Eyes Cerf



·        Asheville Kennel Club June 2013

    BOB under respected Judge Michael Faulkner!!!

    Select Bitch Day Two


·        Riverside West Kennel Club June 2013

    WB and Best of Winners 5 Points out of Open Black – Mrs Deborah Verdon

    Select Bitch Day Two



·        Daisy is truly a Special Girl and loves to show her personality off in the ring.  I hope to catch up with her many accomplishments one day.  But for now I'm proud that every puppy here is either her child or grandchild.



·        LRC Piedmont  February 2011 
      WB and Best of Winners 4 Points out of Open Black – Susan Huntzinger (Riverlane) & Lori Bentine (Tremont)

·       The Labrador Retriever Club of the Potomac 2009
      1st 12-18 Months out of an Entry of 36 – Lynne Minchella (Abbeystead– England)

Made Winners Bitch Final Cut of 4, total entry over 400.  Judges Critique "Lachlan's Wild Flower unexaggerated  well balanced, nicely shaped head, liked her eye shaped and colour, decent length of muzzle, good lay and length to upper arm, a little on the long side, close double coat, moved well"

·        Greater Atlanta LRC 2009
       1st 12-18 Months – Penny Carpanini (Carpenny – England)
       Made Winners Bitch Final Cut of Four
·        Piedmont  Supported Entry July 2009
      RWB x 2
– Barbara Nowak (Broyhill) & Manuelo Queijeiro (Queijeiro) 

      BBE all three days

·         Piedmont LRC 2009

2nd 12-15 Sweeps – Vonnie Russell (Hyspire)

2nd 12-15 Sweeps – Lori Bentine (Tremont)


·        Sawnee Mountain KC January 2009

RWB to a 3 point major– Linda C More


·        Coastal South Carolina LRC 2009

2nd 12-18 Months – Jill Ickowski (Wiscoy)

2nd 12-15 Sweeps – Annette Morgan (Crossfield)

3rd 12-15 Sweeps – Heidi Herman (Paradigm)


·        Raleigh Durham LRC 2008

1st 9-12 Months – Janis Granneman (Janrod)

3rd 9-12 Months – Kendall Herr (Dickendall)

3rd 9-12 Sweeps – Lori Rudy (Amberlyn)

4th 9-12 Sweeps – Marion Daniels (Mar-Moye)


·        Greater Atlanta LRC Supported  October 2008

WB 2 Points out of the 9-12 Class – Elizabeth Wenner (Surry)

Best in Sweeps – Gregg Tonkin (Little River)

3rd 9-12 Months – Marion Lyons (Chocorua)

2nd 9-12 Months – Eric Bergishagen (Jagsboro)

2nd 9-12 Sweeps – Coleen Kinkaid (ELHID)


·        LRC National 2008

1st 6-9 Sweeps – Made Cut for Best in Sweeps – Wendi Huttner (Ridgeway)

3rd 6-9 Months – Carl Gene Liepmann (Triple L)


·        Atlanta, Douglas & Newnan KC September 2008
1st 6-9 Months – Made the cut for WB, a 3 point major – Sally Sasser (Teracroft)

1st 6-9 Months – Jackie Mischou (Caer Bren)

1st 6-9 Months – Charlotte Clem McGowan


Pedigree: Lachlan's Wild Flower

CH Windfall's Pipe Major
CH HySpire Darktown Strutter
INT CH Raintree Slippery When Wet, JH
Marshland Shimmer
CH Windfall's Black Piper
CH Dickendall Arnold
CH Windfall Win Storm, JH
Ophir's Dark Shadow
CH Paradocs Tabatha's Calliou
CH Tabatha's Sport
CH Tabatha's Paradocs Kali
Ophir's Maud
CH Janrod's Chasing a Dream
Ophir's Aeris

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